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Eagles Wings Scholars


In a world where more than a billion of children live on less than US$ 1.5 per day,more than 1 billion out of school and many more not reaching secondary school, connecting one child with one sponsor is the most strategic way to end child poverty. Our sporsors invest thair time and resource in helping shape the future of our children. This sustained relationship help communicate love to our children and give them hope for a better tommorow. Young people all over the world have great talents and abillities in them, but they face enomous challenges:poverty, family, discouragements, conflicts, drug abuse, peer presure, lack of mentors, polygamy , death of one or both parents etc. If young people are not guided mentores and helped during time of crisis, many end up dropping out of school and join the street. All Global Steps sponsored children have the opportunity to develope their God-given potential and be released from the poverty that has strapped their famillies for generations. Our 'Eagle Wings' sponsorship program helps give opportunity to OVC (orphan and vanerable children) young and unprevillaged youths and secondary school dropout by connecting them to sponsor and mentors who commit to invest threir time and resources to see that they achieve their goals in life. We believe the Lord is raising up young leaders who will be used by him to turn the tide in that generation. Global steps is therfore committeed to give young people the opportunity to rise and be the change in their generation. Eagles wings is both a sponsorship and a mentorship program. We got our inspiration from psalm 91. We use the metaphor to depict God's high secure places. The verb describes ''and he will raise you up on eagles wings , bear you on the breath of down make you shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand. That is what global steps vision for the program is. We aim to raise generation of stedadfast strong and God fearing young people who will shine like the sun and rise highlike the eagle. Eagles are a simble of strength,courage and determination and are trully forcussed in achieving their dreams.like the eagles spread up its wings to catch its young (deutronomy 32:11b) (symbol of love and care) so is Global Steps vision for young people in our program. We hope to spread God love to young under previllaged people by providing them with the opportunity to achieve their life's dream and ambition.




Global steps works within the community and identity needs of the young people. We then build a close relationship with the young people and their parents (guardians) and identify the ones in great need.


We give our application forms to the children and young people, interview them and discuss the logistic expectations with their parents.


We send photos and shortlised names and their application forms to our sponsorship partners and friends.


Our sponsors go through the forms, select children for sponsorship and communicate to us.


Sponsors send their forms and and letters of introduction to the family/guardians of the children selected for sponsorship through our office


Communication starts between the sponsors and Global Steps and between the sponsors and their children in kenya.


School fees money and other support for their children is disturbed to schools through our active account at KCB


Students join their different schools.Mentorship and follow up begins.

By sponsering a child ,you are ensuring that he/she will recieve their fast steps to an ongoing education.


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