Adopt Life-skills

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Adopt Life-Skills

Life-skills are abilities for adaptive positive behavior necessary for healthy positive leaving. The main aim of the Adopt life-skills program is to reinforce and promote positive attitude and behavior among young people that will lead to a better quality of life. Young people under the age of 25 are mostly vulnerable to peer pressure and if not mentored and guided, most of them don’t live to achieve their career or life ambition. The Global youth population is growing very fast but so is the rate of youth pregnancies, child prostitution, early marriages, school dropout and drug abuse .Adopt life-skills program helps young people resist negative peer pressure that often leads to unnecessary life risks e.g. HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, violence, juvenile delinquency and even death. Through the program, young people learn the different skills they need to help them achieve their life’s goals. Young people today are more informed about life’s risks, but lack life-skills to help them resist peer pressure that often sidetrack them from their goals in life. We believe young people have the potential and abilities to transform their communities and therefore need skills that will lead them to a healthy positive future. With these skills, young people will be able to delay their e.g. sexual encounters, unplanned pregnancies and marriages, and make them focus in school or college. The program moves beyond providing information. It addresses the development of the whole individual—so that a person will have the skills to make use of all types of information, whether it is related to HIV/AIDS, STDs, reproductive health, safe motherhood, other health issues, and other communication and decision–making situations.


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