Our Global Mandate

Global steps



- Transforming youth potential

Our Global Mandate

1)We are called to serve and demonstrate Servant leadership

•We provide volunteer and service learning opportunities to young people in and outside schools.

•We are passionate about service. We believe God has called us to demonstrate his act of love through service.



2)Empowering Youths

Global Steps empowers youths with all the necessary training and education they need to be active Global Citizens in their generation. We believe youths can be great leaders who will impact the world. We therefore provide them with the platform and resources they need to be global change agents.



3)Nurture Talents and future Global Leaders

Global Steps is committed to nurturing the next generation of youthful leaders who will use their talents and creativity to impact the world. There is enormous potential in young people, the only people lacking are mentors to guide and motivate them to achieve their goals. We believe the global leadership vacuum can be filled by young people who are committed to godly principles and values and who recognize their potential and ability to impact the world through their God given talents.


4)Support underprivileged Youths and Children.

Through the Eagle’s wings scholarship program, we support underprivileged children and youths: those who have been orphaned by one or both parents, dropouts who lack financial support, those in school who are struggling to pay their school fees, and the ones who have been rejected by their parents or guardians. Global Steps currently partners with Plavi-Andeo Croatia in providing scholarships to our students both in primary and secondary schools. To date, Global Steps through its partner is educating over 50 young people (10 in high school and 40 in primary school). All our scholars (High School) are active members in their respective Global Steps chapter and participate in the different programs. Global Steps believes in the power of education and believe in the potential of our young people. We believe that through this program, young people will realize their dream and will get an opportunity to exploit their full life potential. We believe the one step towards becoming active global citizens is through education and empowerment. Our vision here is to support at least 5000 young people both in Primary and High school throughout Kenya and even beyond. We build this program from the belief that sponsorship is the most effective way to change the world. We want to open the world of opportunities for young people. Motivated by our faith in Jesus, we serve all children regardless of their religion, gender, social status, ethnicity or colour. We see the image of God in all the people we are reaching to in the program.


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