Our Fourfold Vision Statement

Global steps



- Transforming youth potential

Our Fourfold Vision Statement

We envision

1) A world free of social injustice and discrimination.

2) A world where youths know and value their God-given talents/abilities.

3) A world where youths know their roles as servants and partners in the body of Christ and embrace or are ready to embrace servant leadership.

4) A world where youths know their roles as active global citizens and participate in building their nation.


Therefore, these can also be said about Global Steps:

1.We empower young people to be catalyst of social changes and development and to take active roles in shaping the destiny of their country.

2.We mentor and nurture the talents and abilities of young people and give them opportunities and platform to exercise those talents and abilities.

3.We are a network of young people who believe in the spirit of volunteerism and community development and servant leadership.

4.We give young people the opportunity to transform themselves and their communities and the platform to unlock their potential as active global citizens.

5.We help students learn more about global issues develop the necessary skills and confidence to put their world changing ideas into action scholarships.


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