Our Core Values

Global steps



- Transforming youth potential

Our Core Values

1) Talents and Potential of Young People

Young people all over the world have inborn talents and abilities that they are sitting on. Today, one person in five is between the ages of 15 and 24. All together there are over one billion youths and they constitute a formidable force. Youths and children together including all those aged 24 years and younger account to nearly 40% of the world population. If mentored and given opportunities, young people can do great things. Global Steps values the ideas and creativity of young people. We are passionate about providing young people with opportunities to explore their own potential. We believe the key to community and Global transformation, and the hope of the human race lies with youth committed to high principles. Global Steps is committed to raising a generation of God fearing and dedicated youths who are ready to impact the world. We believe youth are chosen by God to make an extreme difference in their world.


2) Servant leadership

Every Christian is a servant. Primarily, the focal point of servant leadership within the church is: “To prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12). This means with Christ being the head of the church, the entire church body is served in the act of providing servant leadership. We all mutually submit ourselves to Jesus, just as He was in submission to the father. Therefore first and foremost, servant leadership is based on mutual demonstrate and love for one another. A servant leader seeks to invest himself into the lives of his people, so as a whole the whole church is challenged to grow to be more like Christ. This is demonstrated in their willingness to give of themselves to meet the needs of their people. Global Steps also values humble leadership as the most effective and powerful leadership model. The best leaders follow and the best followers lead. Our desire is to produce

Our Global Steps servant Leadership process is accomplished through:

“Walking the Talk”

  • Raising a generation of active Global Citizens whose passion is to “affect” the world with compassion;
  • Seeking the common good as a primary motivation;
  • Building team spirit through shared and open decision making;
  • Being steward of people and resources;
  • Seeking work as a partnership of service in community;
  • As responsible global citizens, Global Steps staff and volunteers sees, encourage and celebrate the image of God in others.


3) Discipleship

We value discipleship, a lifestyle of becoming like Christ. Our role model is Jesus Christ. We believe to be real and true Global Citizens, we ought to follow the example of Christ. We believe in the greatest commission, the call to impact generations (Matthew 28: 19-20 ) . We desire to foster spiritual growth and faithful living among young people.


4) Mentorship

We believe that all young people of all abilities deserve the opportunity to realize their full life potential. We believe mentorship can help bring out the best out of our young people and that the life of young people can be transformed if they are guided and motivated. We value all our volunteer mentors and we recognize their tremendous contributions to the future of our young people.

5) Relationships



6) Excellence



7) Teaching and empowerment



8) The Global Community

We recognize we were created to belong, to have community with one another, not to leave in isolation. We believe that Global citizenship empowerment and education will bring people together and that people will recognize the need to love one another and to live in unity and love.


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