Decision-Making Skills

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Decision-Making Skills


There are a number of things that influence how we make decisions.These influences determine whether we make good or bad decisions.While in most cases we are aware of these influences,sometimes we are influenced without being aware.No one is born with awesome decision making skills.It is a skill that needs to be learned and strengthened (but may not ever be perfect).This means the more often you make decisions the better you'll get at it.It is a difficult skill to perfect however,since the better you get at decision making,the more challenging problems you will face.Some people get nervous when it comes to making decisions because they are afraid they will make choices.Adolescence is a ''time of increased pressure for problem solving and personal decision making''.Adolescents are called upon to make difficult decisions including decisions regarding career,sexuality,school involvement and risk behaviors.Choices made at this have the power to influence many aspects of an adolescent's future.It is essential that young people be aware of the potential impacts of their decisions and learn effective decision making skills.



Factors that influence youths to make decisions.



1)legal expectations

When making decisons,ask yourself:Is my decision going to break any low or rule?If the answer is yes,then don't take the decision.If the answer is no,then subject the decision to other factors.


2) Academic and life goals

Before you make a decision,ask your self whether the decision you are about to make supports your goals or goes against them.Always avoid making decisions that may hinder you from achieving your goals.when we have unrealistic goals,we are likely to make bad decions as we struggle to meet these unrealsitics goals.


3) Value and beliefs

In most cases,young people tend to make decisions that are in harmony with their values and beliefs.They weigh their options against these values and beliefs and choose the option that doesnt go against them.


4) Personal health

Many of the decisions we make have an impact on our physical,emotional and psychological well-being.From simple and routine decisions such as washing hands before eating,to more difficult decisions such as engaging in pre-marital sex,decisions have an impact on is therefore important that to ensure that the decisions you make will not affect your health negatively.


5) Personal or social expectations.

We all have certain things that we would want to do or expect ourselves to achieve.At the same time,there are certain things that the people we live with and the society expect us to do.For example,as youths,after finishing your college and getting a job,parents/guardiants may expect you to support them.


6) Peer pressure.

Sometimes,our peers pressurize us into making certain decisions.They may do this directly by threatening us or constantly asking us to make a decision that they want.For example,peers may pressurize you into engaging in premarital sex constantly insulting you or telling you that you are missing out a lot.


7) Personality type.

Your personality type will influence the kind of decisions that you make.For example,if you are a quite and reserved person,you will make decisions that will not draw much attention to you.You will also think for a while before making a decision.If you are an outgoing person,you will make decisions that are geared towards allowing you to interact with people.You may for example decide to take up a career that allows you constant interaction with people.


8) Socializing agents.

These are the people and institutions that shape our behaviour and way of thinking. They include:family,school and community.Many decisons we make will be based on what we have

acquired from socializing agents.


9) Competition.

When we are in competition with other people,we make decisions that are geared towards ensuring that we beat our competitors. While this is not bad,we must also take other factors into consideration.By making decisions based only the competition,we are likely to make very bad decisons.


10) Sociocultural factors.

When making decisions,the cultural beliefs and practices we have acquired will play a part in the decisions we make.In most cases,we will make decisions that are in line with these cultural beliefs and is important that we don not blindly make decisions based on our beliefs and practices because some of these are harmful.Therefore,measure the decision against other factors first before making a final decision.


11) level of assertiveness

When you have a high level of assertiveness,you are more likely to make decisons and follow them through. With lack of assertiveness,you may be influenced or intimidated into making a given decision.


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